Students Killed at College in Kenya

147 students were killed at a Kenya College on Thursday, April 2nd.


On Thursday April 2nd a Kenyan army

Cajisha Telusme , Staff Writer

After a recent terrorist attack, the colossal death toll is currently the highest it’s ever been on Kenyan soil since the U.S. Embassy was bombed in 1998.

The Somalia-based Al-Shabaab militant group claimed responsibility for the assault and attack at Garissa University College. The people killed were students and dreamers with ambition in pursuit of a better life.

The Kenyan government has grown a number of concerns as well allowing five terrorists to lay siege on a college campus for nearly 15 terrifying hours.

The hashtag #147NotJustaNumber is being used all around the world and through different social media networks to raise awareness and honor those killed in the travesty in Kenya. #TheyHaveNames is another attempt at breaking society’s apathy. 

During the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, universal outrage was rampant. It even sparked a march to happen in Paris days after the attack. Kenya on the other hand, has not received as much public attention and it’s been a week. Photos of the bodies of these students and victims have been circulating around the web, which is dehumanizing to the students who lost their lives to senseless terrorist violence.

This is a tragedy as saddening and sick as any other terror attack on any of the world’s soil, and the fact that it is on Kenyan soil should not diminish its importance and need for global attention, victim support, and outrage.