Playlist to Minimize Stress

Girl relaxing, listening to music.

Girl relaxing, listening to music.

Marie Bobb, Staff Writer

Whether we want to accept it or not, it’s undeniable that this can be one of the most stressful time in a teen’s life. Having to worry about tests, summer classes, and just school in general can have a serious impact on the stress levels of teens. One thing that can help teens with all this stress is music, so here are some specific song choices that’ll keep you focused while studying and also help you relax.

  1. Tennis – Marathon: This song is perfect for studying or just relaxing because of its cute and happy beat.
  2. Bon Iver – Holocene: Songs like this are best for studying because of the length. Throughout the song, it keeps the same relaxing feel, so it’s perfect for staying focused.
  3. James Bay – Hold Back The River: This song is from James Bay’s album Chaos and the Calm, which is a fitting description of this song. Somewhat upbeat, but it still has a calm mood.
  4. Donnie Trumpet – Zion: Donnie Trumpet took the famous song Zion and remade it into an instrumental, with a feature from Chance the Rapper.
  5. Jhene Aiko – Living Room Flow: Many of Jhene Aiko’s songs are soothing and relaxing, but this song seems to be one of the calmest, if not the calmest.
  6. Chance the Rapper – Cold Stares: Even though this isn’t the longest song it’s definitely one of my favorites. Chance the Rapper never fails to please me with his unwinding music.
  7. Chance the Rapper – Lady Friend: Chance the Rapper’s music is great for relaxing, which scores him two spots on this list. This song is cute and it’s the perfect length.
  8. Hozier – From Eden: Many people know Hozier for his famous song Take Me To Church, but that’s definitely not his only hit. This is such a great song and it’s perfect for just chilling after a long day at school.
  9. SZA – Ur: This upcoming artist is certainly someone you want to listen to if you are stressed out. All of her music is generally so soothing.
  10. Erykah Badu – Bag Lady: Many of the songs on this playlist are either about love or something similar, but this song is about letting go of all the “baggage” that you carry in life. Absolutely perfect for relieving stress.
  11. Lana Del Rey – The Other Woman: While this song isn’t the happiest song to listen to if you’re going through a break up, it’s perfect for that relaxing, calm feeling that many of us crave.
  12. Christina Aguilera- Say Something: A song like this is fitting for when you’re stressing over a ton of homework or tests. It’ll take your mind off of that for a while.
  13. George Ezra – Barcelona: Last but not least, one of the most relaxing of them all. This song is the epitome of calm and soothing, and it’s perfect for those after school homework sessions.




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