5 Ways to Tell if a Boy Likes You

Courtesy of MCT Campus


Courtesy of MCT Campus

Alicia Newby, Staff Writer

Do you ever have the feeling that a boy may be interested in you, but you’re just not sure? Boys aren’t as difficult to read as you think. Here are some basic signs to keep in mind on whether a guy is interested in you.

  1. “A boy that likes you, will most likely always text first,” said Jevony Charles, a Sophomore.

Texting first is an international issue among teens in this generation. Many people who text first may feel that they’re coming off as desperate. If a guy is always texting you first, chances are that he loves talking to you and may even like you.

  1. “[Guys] will always compliment you,” said Herrio Joseph, a Junior.

Most boys who like a girl will compliment her often, even on the smallest things. For example; “I love your shirt” or “I like your eyes” can be a sign that they’re trying to get your attention.

  1. “[Guys] can be really touchy,” said Israel Taylor, a Junior.

If a guy likes you he will use all opportunity to touch you. For example; if both of you are having a conversation, he may place his hand on your shoulder or a pat you on the back.

  1. “A boy that’s interested in you will try to initiate conversation all the time,” said Omario Davis, a Sophomore.

When a guy likes you he will always start a conversation whenever he sees you, it could even be about the littlest things. It’s obvious when a boy is just trying to make conversation and find any and everything to talk about. If this happens often, chances are, he’s interested in you.

  1. “If I like a girl, I’ll keep eye contact with her during a conversation,” said Larry Paul, a Junior.

Boys who are interested will often lock eyes when speaking to someone they like. Pay attention to this. Even when you’re looking away he will always keep his eyes on you.

Now keep in mind that every guy is different, not every guy is going to show signs if they’re interested in you. Also not all boys who show you these signs like you; they might just be your friend. Some guys might like you and some might just genuinely enjoy your company.

Don’t be afraid to tell your crush how you feel. The feelings might be mutual and if they’re not, then that’s their loss.