My Experience at Homecoming


Alicia Newby, Staff Writer

I have gone to three homecoming dances, and this past one has been my second favorite.

SGA did a great job. The lights, decorations, and the overall atmosphere was nice.

Lighting/decorations: The lights weren’t too bright, so I didn’t feel like everyone was watching me, and they weren’t too dark to the point where I felt uncomfortable.

The decorations were true to the theme. The tables were purple, green, and gold. There were also little walls that were Mardi Gras themed that you could take pictures in front of.

Atmosphere: There were about 300 people there. In my opinion, when there are more people, you have more fun because it’s not so empty. You feel comfortable doing whatever. I feel like if someone were to come to the dance by themselves, they would still have fun because there were so many people. Everybody was dancing with everybody.

The place seemed way bigger than last year. It did not seem as cramped as before, and even though it was the same area, they did a great job with making it 10 times more spacey.

One little touch to the dance that I loved was the photo booth. There was not one last year, and bringing it this year was a good choice.

However, I do have my complaints.

Music: Overall, it was not the best. In the beginning of the dance, they played seven or more Spanish songs… in a row. Don’t get me wrong, diversity is great when it comes to music, but there was just too much of one type. It was not as diverse as I expected. Last year the DJ played a little bit of everything; from Samba, to Hip-Hop and even Reggae. Let’s just say that you can tell that the music choice this year was somewhat personal to the DJ. What I mean by this is that he only took requests for songs that were for his liking. For example, he played less than five hip-hop songs. When one of the hip-hop songs was being played, he made a comment that stuck out to me. He stopped the music to say comments like, “Wow, I can’t believe they make money off of this.”

Another thing that I had a problem with regarding music was that when he played the songs, he played the whole entire song. Three minutes of one song gets old, especially when you’re doing the same dance. After a while of each song, I kept saying in my head, “Ok, I get it.”

Overall, I had a good time at Homecoming. Everybody just danced together whether they were friends or not, and I loved being a part of that. I do plan on going again next year.