Kehlani Shows Celebrities are Humans Too


Marie Bobb , Staff Writer

Social media erupted on Monday, March 28th, over the iconic Kehlani scandal. If you are not aware of what exactly happened, singer Kehlani,who publicly dated singer Partynextdoor, was exposed on Instagram for apparently cheating on her boyfriend, Kyrie Irving. Partynextdoor posted a picture of her implying they had been intimate. Immediately after this picture, Twitter and Instagram was filled with people conversing about this topic.

But, it seemed as though everyone was bashing Kehlani rather than addressing the fact that Partynextdoor violated Kehlani in a major way.

One thing I instantly realized was that many people were posting things like “this is why I can’t trust girls,” without taking into consideration the many times that male celebrities are caught openly cheating. Chris Brown, for one, who had a lot to say about the situation, has cheated many times. Social media does not seem to mind that.

All the bashing and ignorant memes made about Kehlani caused her to delete both her Instagram and Twitter, but that didn’t stop people from making fun of her and making her feel worse.

The next morning, she posted a picture of herself in the hospital stating that she attempted to take her life and that she never cheated. Although she received a lot of sympathy, many also thought it was for attention and that she was overreacting. I personally feel like those saying that she is taking this too seriously are extremely inconsiderate. What many people fail to realize is that just because Kehlani is famous, that does not make her invincible.

I, in no way, encourage cheating or think that it is okay, but in this case, the way social media reacted was uncalled for and it shows exactly how it may make some celebrities feel. To make matters worse, friends of Irving who also happen to be celebrities not only took his side, which isn’t a problem at all, but they bashed Kehlani quite harshly while doing it. Chris Brown basically stated that Kehlani attempted suicide just for attention and sympathy from others.

Many celebrities are emotionally and physically no different than any other human in this world.