Trump’s “Locker Room Talk”

Source: @realdonaldtrump

Source: @realdonaldtrump

Kayla Restivo, Staff Writer

Over the past weekend a video was released of Donald Trump speaking about grabbing a women’s genitalia and saying other disgusting things. He has since come out and apologized, calling this “locker room talk”. On Sunday night during the second presidential debate the video was a hot topic, and Trump kept making excuses. He also was saying how no one respects women more than he does, but he has proven that statement false on multiple occasions. This video has sparked a debate about what “locker room talk” really is.

There is a fine line between locker room talk and just being a pig. Locker room talk is gossiping and things of that nature. We all do it, but not to the extent of degradation expressed in this video.

Locker room talk is not when you talk about sexually assaulting someone. If you are saying it’s okay, you’re wrong. By excusing his actions with just “locker room talk” is like saying ” boys will be boys”- which is just another way of excusing men’s inappropriate actions. There is no excuse for any comments like these. If you are saying it’s okay because it was just words that he didn’t actually act upon, you’re wrong. Comments like theses are demeaning, threatening, and gross.

By letting Donald Trump get away with comments like these and the countless others it is letting people think it’s okay. Women and men are constantly bombarded with crude comments like these and it needs to end. First of all, it’s disgusting and words like the ones that came out of his mouth should never come out of anyone’s mouth. Secondly, it makes people uncomfortable and it’s extremely offensive. Sexual assault is never something to joke about and nasty comments about peoples appearances should never be said or even thought about. Words hurt and can be extremely offensive to some; so think before you speak.

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