Learning How to Let Go

Jessa Lopez, Staff Writer

No matter how much you love someone, if you’re unhappy in a relationship and you’re the only who is putting in effort, let go.

Loving someone doesn’t always mean holding on to them for the rest of your life. Sometimes, loving could also mean letting that person go. Don’t let them go because you’re giving up on them, but because you are brave enough to let that someone find happiness – even if that happiness is with someone else.

Easier said than done, right? However, what must be done has to be done. If both of you are suffocating and there are red flags in your relationship, an action has to be made. That doesn’t mean everything will work out, even if you act on it. Sometimes two people are just not meant to be. It doesn’t matter how many years they have spent together or how many things they have gone through. Let go, smile and find happiness.