What Is Planned Parenthood?


Coutesy of planned parenthood.org

Dulce Paz, Staff Writer

As we near the Presidential election, one topic that has come up a few times during the debate was Planned Parenthood and whether or not to defund it. What many people fail to realize is that it is extremely helpful to millions of women globally.

Planned Parenthood is a health care provider that provides mainly reproductive health care. They have expanded access to birth control and have prevented more than 500,000 unplanned pregnancies a year. They have even traveled overseas to help ensure that underprivileged people receive medical services to help their bodies.

They also provide contraception and STD testing which can be difficult to receive in areas with few resources. They also work to inform the people of these countries regarding reproductive health.

Politicians like John Kasich have been in favor of defunding planned parenthood. He signed a bill that would prevent $1 million in funding and would disadvantage many women living in Ohio.

Kasich proudly left thousands of people without STD and HIV testing and cutting access to basic health care.

What Conservative politicians don’t realize is that Planned Parenthood┬áis so much more than an “abortion clinic.” It provides education about reproductive health care and contraception in areas that need it the most.

Personally, I also don’t find it right how it is mostly men who are for defunding this provider when they don’t experience what women go through.

Planned Parenthood helps with personal, complicated issues and helps those who cannot afford these services. If states continue to defund it, they will be allowing thousands of unplanned pregnancies and leaving millions in the dust, just when they needed it most.