Kodak Black: Rapper or Rapist?

Kayla Restivo, Staff Writer

Kodak Black is a rapper from Pompano Beach, Fl, who made it to the big leagues. He is only 19 years old, has number one songs on the music charts, and is being charged for sexual battery. He raped a girl after his show in South Carolina. He got out of jail after spending a couple of months locked up for 2 misdemeanor drug charges, and he is now out on house arrest. Kodak was just banned yesterday from the whole state of South Carolina. He may only go in the state for the court appearances.

Kodak has tons of fans who called for his release and celebrated when he walked free. That’s the part I don’t understand. They are happy he is out for the drug crimes but he still has to go to court for rape. He raped someone; yes, I understand innocent until proven guilty, but the rape kit tied him to the crime yet he is walking free.

It seems like when celebrities commit a crime it gets forgiven and accepted. It just further supports rape culture among other problems. We as a society need to stop letting celebrities get away with crimes and letting them think that their status and money will forgive them of their crimes.