Myths About the Flu

It’s flu season and that means runny noses, bad congestion, and loud, raspy coughs that can be heard in school hallways across the nation. Although the flu is thought of as a way to get out of going to school, it’s a miserable time, and it’s in full swing this season.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recorded the statistics for reported cases across the country. Nationally, as of September of 29, 2013 25.1% of people were positive for influenza; in Florida’s region (Region 4), 21.5% have come up positive. That’s not much less then the national average.

Seasonal Influenza, also known as the “flu,” is caused by the influenza virus infecting the respiratory tract, according to the CDC. Many myths (taken from are associated with the flu:

Myth #1. The flu is just a bad cold : The flu, although not just a bad cold, does cause bad cold symptoms. In America, 36,000 people die from seasonal influenza, while more than 200,000 are hospitalized.

Myth #2. You can catch the flu from going out in the cold without a jacket or with wet hair: Catching the flu is not caused by weather conditions, rather by being exposed to the influenza virus.

Myth #3. Feed a cold, starve a fever: When having the flu, or a cold, extra fluids are the way to go. Poor nutrition does not help fight of the virus.

With so many getting sick this season, no one is safe from the big bad influenza virus.  Wash your hands; wash them before you eat, after the bathroom, and sanitize as often as possible.