New Testing Schedule for the Fourth Quarter


When spring break ends, we come back to school knowing that we have a testing schedule for the rest of the year. There are a vast amount of tests ranging from FCAT to the EOCs.

Back then, the FCAT was on paper and testing would be finished in a day or two. Now, since it has become virtual, testing days have increased from a day or two to a week. This has caused the normal schedule to flip from sixth or seventh period always being at the end of the day  to now being at the beginning, and first period replacing them at the end of the day. Third, fourth, and fifth period are going to remain the same.

“We have done this for the last several years,” said Ms. Hayden. “We like to rotate the periods to give students the same opportunity on passing the tests, especially since their graduation depends on it.”

The schedule was given out in advance in order to avoid any confusion as to where to go or what periods to attend. In case someone leaves right after fifth period for a job, they can let their boss or manger know in advance so they can change their work hours.

This change will go into effect after April 7th. There won’t be anymore seven period days and the rest of the school year will follow the pattern of odd and even.