Fast Food Feuds

Fast Food Feuds

The long lasting feud between the fast food industries has reached a new high. Taco Bell has started the war by putting out antagonizing commercials towards McDonald’s.

Taco Bell brought in men who’s real name is Ronald McDonald eating their new breakfast foods, making a joke that even Ronald loves Taco bell breakfasts. Although McDonald’s fired right back at them, having Ronald sit and pet Taco Bell’s famously known Chihuahua, talking about how imitation is the best form of flattery.

This probably won’t be last time we see them going back at it; even the local places have started ¬†lowering prices. McDonald’s has set out to have free coffee in the morning in some locations that are located next to Taco Bell.

Look out for your local McDonald’s they will be giving out free small coffees through the rest of April. Let’s see how Taco Bell fires back.

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