Little Chiefs Go Wild

As the Little Chiefs filed into the room of the Early Childhood Academy, tiny hands covered tiny gasping faces at the sight of Norma Jean, a Scarlett Macaw, showing off her wingspan to reveal her majestic, colorful feathers.

The McCarthy Wildlife Sanctuary visited the Early Childhood Academy so the Little Chiefs  could meet and learn about the kinds of wildlife this foundation rehabilitates and sets free. The director of the sanctuary, Mark McCarthy, brought eight animals, both exotic and local, and spoke to the kids.

The Little Chiefs, joined by students from the Mr. Lucien’s class and the Early Childhood Academy, met a Scarlett Macaw named Norma Jean, a tarantula named Harriet, an alligator named Wally, a Gila monster named Tequilla, a kinkajou named Louie, an albino Burmese python named Snow Ball, a ringtail lemur named Cosmo, and a Siberian lynx named Makaykay.

The Little Chiefs and students got to pet, hold, or feed each of the  animals, except for the lynx which was considered too dangerous to be handled by amateurs.

The highlight of the event was being able to see Mr. Camacho’s daughter and Coach Padgett’s son watched adoringly by their parents as the interacted with the animals.