Goodbye Dr. Weigel and Retiring Teachers

Mr. Krupa and faculty pay tribute to retiring teachers.


Staff Reports

After two years as principal of Santaluces, Dr. Weigel said goodbye to faculty and staff at a final meeting Thursday. Mr. Krupa paid tribute to Dr. Weigel and retiring teachers Ms. Caughman, Ms. Amburn, and Ms. White. The ceremony was filled with memories for all three educators who thanked their fellow teachers and administrators and received a standing ovation.

Dr. Weigel came to Santlauces two years ago after nearly 40 years with the Palm Beach County school district. During her time at Santaluces, she started the JROTC and Criminal Justice Academies as well as the 9th and 10th grade academies. She was known to students for both standing in the courtyard urging them to class with her bullhorn and worrying about their well-being when the weather was too cold or too rainy.

As a parting gift, Dr. Weigel received a homemade Native American headdress made from “feathers” inscribed with thanks and well-wishes from the faculty. Dr. Weigel will be joining the faculty of Lynn University in Boca Raton as the Donald E. and Helen L. Ross School of Education’s dean.

The school’s news principal is Mrs. Moore-Robinson, a former Forest Hill High School assistant principal and principal of Cypress Trails Elementary in Royal Palm Beach for the last four years.