A Sea of Freshmen and a Welcoming Wave

Mishka Brice, Editor in Chief

The fourth annual Freshmen Orientation kicked off the new school year to a great start on Friday.

Approximately 400 freshmen were welcomed into the gym by a lineup of all of their LINK crew leaders who have been guiding them all summer, along with cheerleaders and lively music from a DJ.

Freshmen were made sure to feel right at home after getting a proper introduction from the school administration and a warm welcome from the new principal, Mrs. Robinson, as well as from the area superintendent, Mr. Montgomery, who gave a motivational speech about goals, opportunities, and starting the school year right.

“Freshmen Orientation is amazing,” said Mrs. Robinson. “To have so many freshmen come out and become acclimated to a new school is fabulous.”

Cheerleaders warmed the crowd up with their infectious school spirit as Coach T led the opening session. The freshmen then dove into some fun exercises and games such as Simon Says and a balloon relay race.


The freshmen split off into different groups, led by their LINK crew leaders, to go to classrooms and get to know one another and take a tour of the school. Parents were given their own orientation in the lecture hall, led by Mrs. Hayden.

“[Freshmen Orientation] was really exciting,” said LINK crew adviser, Mrs. Sheridan. “It was the largest outcome of freshmen we’ve had yet, and it was fun and full of high energy. The support from the principal and the superintendent was great, too.”

School starts back for all freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors on Monday, August 18th.