The Wait is Over

Shuruq Daas, Staff Writer

The most anticipated wait of the year is now over and the field of technological innovation has stepped up to high levels that were deemed impossible. The unveiling of the iPhone 6 has been presented to all consumers who were eagerly awaiting the arrival earlier this week.

Rumors were buzzing around that the iPhone 6 would be like no other iPhone. However, Apple Inc. also created the iPhone 6 plus. These two phones have left people gaping with its newfound looks. In addition to these two phones, the iWatch was also created as an additional accessory piece.

The iPhone 6 has many features. Its screen measures to 4.7 inches and has a Retina HD display. Meticulous planning led to a multi-touch display and higher contrast to view anything. The iPhone 6 is thinner with a smooth surface that makes holding the phone easier.

All cell phone users can understand the pain when his or her phone runs out of battery during crucial times. With this new phone, battery life has increased, enabling more use of the phone and apps.Violation of privacy will no longer happen knowing that the apps are locked with passwords. Surfing the web will also be three times faster with increased download speeds.

The camera is perfect for those who love to capture pictures, with an eight-megapixel camera that shoots even clearer and more accurate shots. With the new auto focus, the camera adjusts to the hand movements it senses and gets a clear shot image with no blurriness. The lenses are exquisitely covered in Sapphire crystal making the pictures come out flawless.

The iPhone 6 plus has all similar features except one thing. The size of it is almost the size of a Galaxy S2, with a display measuring 5.5 inches, enabling wide viewing at any angle. Both these phones come with iOS 8 software. With this advanced software, users can lock the apps of their choice. Both phones come in colors like silver, gold and space gray.

Prices vary according to the gigabytes preferred and phone company. For iPhone 6, 16 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB go from $199 to $299 and $399. The 6 Plus has the same gigabytes but with the prices of $299, $399 and $499.