Chiefs Go Clubbing



ASPIRA greets potential members.

Shuruq Daas, Staff Writer

Various and colorful tables surrounded the courtyard as Club Rush took place during the LTM. Many influential and fun clubs were presented to the students.

At the Key Club table, president and co-president Nicole McGarity and Marylyn Resendiz try to encourage students to join this community-service oriented club. Members participate in many fun activities such as, the Buddy Walk, Boynton Inlet cleanup and Halloween at the Y. Next meeting is on October, 14 in the little theater from 2:45- 3:15.

“You can earn five hours for certain activity like the Buddy Walk,” said McGarity.

One of the largest clubs on camps, ASPIRA, whose president is Kayann Levin, helps kids get into college, find the right career path and helps students’ transition from middle school to high school. You earn one community service hour for every time you attended the weekly meetings. This club helps guide all grade levels to achieve success and prepare them for the future. Their fundamental rule is leadership through education.

At a colorful NAHS [National Art Honor Society] is the club of expressing yourself through art. Christine Lamanna and Deseree Jacques are co-presidents.

‘’One doesn’t have to be artistic to be in NAHS,’’ said junior and NAHS member, Sawsen Saadeh

This club does many activities such as tie dye, art projects, murals, color run and the Lake Worth Street Painting. If you are interested in finding your voice through art, come to Ms. Ardner’s room, building 4111. The meetings are every Tuesday from 2:45- 3:30.

Walking along the courtyard corridors, students bought baked goods from the dance team, checked their skin with the Students Against Melanoma and played a round of chess with Ms. Case-Sweeney, Chess Club advisor. At the end of Club Rush, the dance team surprised the students with an impromptu dance number as students filed their way to their classes.

If you missed club rush, here is the whole list of clubs.


  1. Key club
  2. Gay Straight Alliance
  3. Creative writing
  4. Break dancing
  5. Chess club
  6. The Tribe newspaper
  7. FFEA[Florida Future Education of America]
  8. Visual tech club
  9. ASL [American Sign Language]
  10. Tri-M
  11. Physics club
  12. Environmental club
  13. ASPIRA
  14. NAHS
  15. Junior varsity cheerleading
  16. Beautiful Chaos dance team
  17. Athletics club
  18. Chiefs against cancer
  19. Students against salmonella