Art, P.E., and Tech Electives in Danger


Shuruq Daas, Staff Writer

Anyone driving down Chief Way will notice a red and white sign about voting day November 4th, specifically about whether to confirm or deny the funding of the arts, P.E. and computer technology in all Palm Beach School district schools.

According to the Palm Beach district website, if this referendum is approved by the people, it will help more than 90,000 students along with 120 schools. Chiefs would be among those 90,000 students who would keep the privilege of being involved in the arts program and staying fit and healthy in the physical education programs.

“I think it is extremely important that everyone in our community goes out to vote and support our wonderful and beneficial programs here in school,” said photography teacher, Ms. Ardner.

Santaluces offers programs that all students can connect with and grow from. The NAHS organization and photography classes, for example, engage in many activities that let students find his or her voice through drawing, painting and digital designing.

“It will negatively impact our future generation if not enough voters go vote,” said Ms. Ardner. “Future students won’t be able to think outside the box and find his or her creative way.”

Sample ballots have been distributed to the homes of registered voters to prepare for the actual voting. On the last page, at the bottom right corner, there is the tab for the referendum to continue a levy(tax) for school operational needs.

“This is a positive thing for students of age to participate in,” said principal Mrs. Robinson. “It will also assist as an outlet for students to go into programs outside of the school’s main curriculum.”