The Tardy Room Comes to a Close


Jacob Serrano, Staff Writer

Usually, when a student arrives late to school, they are expected to go to the tardy room, but starting with the second quarter, that all changed. The tardy room is no more and a new tardy system has been implemented.

The new tardy system follows as such: unexcused tardy students will no longer report to Room 8125 (which will remain as ISS). Instead, they will receive a violation slip from administration and sent to class.

An unexcused tardy will be coded as a “T” for tardy on grade quick. If the student misses more than 50% of the class, it will be put in as an unexcused absence, or an “E” for excused absence- if a reason is followed.

This new policy was implemented so that students wouldn’t miss anymore class time.

“I think it’s effective,” said Mr. Gaddy. “It’s going to allow students to be in class and also allows students to learn instead of being in a room doing nothing. It will even help overall student achievement.”

If a student has three tardies in a class, the student will receive a referral. Tardy passes will only be issued by the clinic, administrators, and guidance departments for students.