Code Red: Just a Drill


Lissan Martin, Staff Writer

On Friday, October 24th at precisely 8 a.m., Mr. Gaddy announced that Santaluces High was under a Code Red and students and teachers went into lockdown mode.

Those with Senior Privilege were not so privileged when they had to race towards the 1000 building and rush into a room.Though this was just a drill, fear crept into the halls of Santaluces High as it was the first one of the new 2014-15 school year.

The School police officers patrolled the halls ensuring that everything was in order, meaning that doors were locked, windows were covered and rooms were silenced. Luckily, everyone seemed to have everything correct according to regulation and there were almost no problems.

Coach Smith, who is most frequently seen in the 1000 building and portables, was also checking doors and rushing students into a classroom. Everything was fine until he found an unlocked door in the portables and was almost hit with a fire extinguisher. Ms. Duncan, who is usually in the 1000 building, happened to be in the portables on Friday and believed it was a real Code Red.

“It really shows you that teachers will defend their classrooms at all costs,” said Smith.