Rally to Graduate

Cajisha Telusme and Grace Almanza

April 1st, 2015 marks a day more than ‘April Fools’, it is the FCAT Pep Rally or as it’s being renamed this year, Rally To Graduate.

A big part of the teaching departments are participating in the rally with eight acts all together. There will be 800 students per three showings spread out between an extended first period. There will be NO third period.

The backbone of this rally is the teachers, and they are rewarding the students for all their hard work throughout the year.

“It’s a surprise for the students,” said Mr. Krupa.

During the show there will be unique acts such as the Steppers led by Mawali and the maybe Neopolitans, said Mr. Krupa.

Furthermore, teachers have been practicing every Monday to make this rally the best it can possibly be. To inspire students of every class, they have even dubbed this event, “The Rally To Graduate.”