Snapchat Update Uncovered


Helen Burdier, Entertainment Editor

The app Snapchat recently underwent an new update, with friendships between users now classified by emojis. Instead of categorizing friend lists by “Best Friends,” there will now be emojis next to friends to signal the snapping relationship you two share.

Here’s what each emoji means:

Gold Heart

This user is the user you send the most snaps to and you’re the user they also send the most snaps to.


This is one of the users you send the most snaps to.


One of the users you send snaps to, they also send a lot of snaps to. This emoji signals a snapchat love triangle.


This signals lopsided love: you send this user a lot of snaps but get few in return.


You and this user are on a snapping hot streak. You each send each other snaps everyday.

Along with emoji classification, another new feature is the label “Needs Love” next to the users you haven’t sent a 6-second picture to in a while.

Another addition added is a low-light camera for those moments when there isn’t any good lighting available but you have to send your friend a selfie.