Hillary for 2016


Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign logo. (CNN)

Cajisha Telusme, Staff Writer

Hillary Clinton, after years of vague denial and coy responses, has finally announced that she will be running for the presidential campaign bid in 2016. On Sunday, April 12th, she released a video featuring a group of Americans who represent the diversity in America’s everyday society. People of all races and sexual orientation were previewed in her 2-minute video released on her website and on Twitter before she officially announced “I’m running for president,” with a smile.

Hillary is a part of the Democratic party and she is also the wife of 42nd president, Bill Clinton. She has run before in 2007 against Barack Obama but didn’t make it through the preliminary elections. She has held positions in the Senate Democratic caucuses, was selected by Obama as Secretary of State until February 2013, and has served as a Secretary of State from New York.

Hillary Clinton’s face, name, and overall representation in the political world is respectable and even after the plight of her controversial email scandal it did not wreck her years of experience, esteem, and high political regard. She is a strong competitor for the presidential race and her campaign is highly anticipated.

As the presidential announcements continue the world sits in suspense and researches the many candidates.