Strange Text Message Crashes iPhones

Strange Text Message Crashes iPhones

Skylar Cross, Staff Writer

Earlier this week, a bizarre text message written in Arabic has gone viral, frustrating thousands of iPhone users.

The text is a line in English that reads “effective. … Power” followed by symbols and what appears to be Arabic words (see above photo). Once the text is received by any Apple product—iPhones, iPads, Macs, etc—the device automatically shuts off and reboots.

“It may be annoying to someone who’s phone gets shut off,” said sophomore Brandon Santana. “But I could see how it’s also a funny prank to those who send the message.”

And this new “prank” also raises the question: Are we too dependent on technology? The full minute that is takes for your phone to reboot is just too much for some people. And why is it that it annoys people so much?

“It annoys me because when I’m doing something on my phone and all of a sudden it just shuts off in the process, I lose whatever it is I’m doing, ” said freshman Bella Young. “It’s just annoying.”

It’s quite apparent why it would cause some people to become heated. Some people have received so many texts containing the message in a row, spamming others, it has actually crashed the Messages App. Junior Gamji Germain experienced this inconvenience. One of his friends spammed his phone so many times with the message his phone would no longer allow him to access the Message App, leaving him unaware of when it would begin working again.

“That was extremely aggravating,” said Germain, “I couldn’t send text messages for two hours.”

And this may be the case of a joke going too far. It’s especially bothersome considering no one really knows what damage it could be doing to our phones. A simple text could potentially render iPhones and other devices irreparable, leading to repair costs of anywhere between $700 for a new iPhone to a couple thousand for a desktop. At this time Apple has yet to comment on the issue.