“Teach Flu A Lesson” Program Kicking off This Year


Courtesy of MCT Campus

Be careful this season because anything is contagious this flu season.

Casey McDuffie, Staff Writer

The “bug” is back.

Becoming sick and staying home is a usual thing to happen at the beginning of the school year and the beginning of flu season. Going from being around a couple of people, to being around a couple hundred in school every day messes with a student’s immune system.

Keeping up on hygiene and making sure they get plenty of sleep are two things students can do to keep any type of sickness away, and keeps them in a classroom.

Healthy Schools is partnering up with the Palm Beach County School District and the Palm Beach County Department of Health to kick off the “Teach Flu a Lesson” program this year.

Healthy Schools is initiating this program so students can get flu vaccinations in school for free from late September through mid October 2015.  Students get a form to take home and fill out, then, they can bring the form back to school to turn in. Once the student gets the shot, they will get the proper paperwork to bring home to keep on file.