High School Students Attend in Media and Politics


Channel 5 anchor Michael Williams gave high school and college students a tour of the station and the anchor desk.

Jennifer Corriolan, Staff Writer

WPTV invited several high schools to a panel discussion on media and politics. Lynn University professor Dr. Robert Watson, Palm Beach Post columnist George Bennet, WPTV commentator Brian Crowley, Palm Beach Post investigative editor Joel Engelhardt and news anchor Michael Williams came together to discuss how journalists cover politics.

Journalism is changing now more than ever, and believe it or not social media plays a big reason why. Brian Crowley talked about how politicians no longer need to come to the news to make a name for themselves. They simply create online accounts and show people what they would like. Social media also creates its own sector in news. People no longer have to read news papers, or  wait for the news to come on TV they can easily go on an app on their phones. It has created many dynamics in journalism that the current generation (Generation Z) will be lucky enough to experience fully.

The four men reflected on what their jobs used to be like and how it has changed since they’ve started.  Participating parties were able to engage in the discussion by asking questions. It was a great experience for those who are looking to pursue careers in journalism. They were able explore different sectors of the ever changing profession. They also learned that journalism requires a bit more than the talent of writing. Gone are the days of there being a driver, photographer, a writer, and an editor; journalists now have to be all of that in one.

After the panel, the students all followed Michael Williams for a tour of the studio. They heard from Mr.Williams first hand what his job as an anchor was like and also the different pressures of his job. For example, knowing what to say if the teleprompter broke. Then they were all able to play around in the news room and look at all of the equipment used to put the show together. It started at six in the evening and ended at eight at night.