Chiefs Fill Out Dress Code Survey

Alicia Newby, Staff Writer

There has been a rumor that there will be a uniform for next school year.

Over the course of a couple months, there have been random checks where all students out of dress code would have to go to the courtyard and receive a violation.

A couple of weeks ago, there were meetings put in place to get the insight from the teachers. They talked about the dress code, how they feel about it and what they think should be put in place. And finally, a couple of days ago, Mrs. Robinson made a video for Chief TV discussing the rules and regulations of dress code.

After constant inquiries from students, Mrs. Robinson decided to also get insight on the students’ thoughts.

“After going to the staff and the administration about dress code, I did the survey because I felt that students have a voice,” said Mrs. Robinson. “I also feel that students are aware of the other students that are not following the dress code.”

During all lunches, SGA went around the campus surveying students. The survey has four questions about students’ thoughts on dress code, such as: “If Santaluces were to revise the current uniform dress code policy, what changes do you feel would be fair and appropriate?” and “Would you like Santaluces to adopt a school-wide uniform policy?”

“I think the survey was a good idea,” said freshman Yamile Rivera. “Because instead of having the administrators and teachers deciding, they also included the students.”