Lunch Schedule Changes

Nick Swiatkowski and

Starting Monday there is a new lunch time schedule for all students. When the bell rings at the end of four period, all students should report to their 5th period class – no matter what lunch you have. There will be about 10 minutes for teachers to do homeroom activities like hand out important school papers and play the announcements.

Administrators realized how unevenly crowded the lunch periods were and decided to make this change. Which lunch you have will be much like last year’s schedule. First lunch will still be for all freshman but it will now include the 3000 and 4000 building.

Second lunch will will be the 1000 building and all of the portables. That includes the ones behind the gym as well.

Third lunch will be the 8000 building, excluding freshmen, and the 2000 building and gym. Assistant Principal Dr. Servos said that the new lunch schedule will “increase school safety and student accountability.” The other benefits of the 10 minute homeroom period are “it ensures that students hear all announcements in terms of events and activities,” he said.