‘Cat Island’ on Japan

Jessa Lopez, Staff Writer

Cats are known to be mysterious and quite evasive creatures. However, off the coast of Japan in Ehime Prefecture, there is an island called Aoshima that is also known as ‘Cat Island.’ This island is a tiny fishing village that is home to more than a hundred cats. The number of cats here outnumber humans 6 to 1. The felines curl up in the streets, sleep in abandon houses, and roam in the quiet fishing ports sometimes to just lay around or wait for food brought by the fishermen.

The island has become a tourist spot and the villagers said they do not mind this as long as it remains peaceful and quiet.

Aoshima has been a popular tourists spot since it was discovered online. However, there are no tourists accommodations to welcome foreigners in here. There are no hotels, no restaurants, nothing. The number of tourists continues to increase, overwhelming the original number of residents residing here.

Aoshima is a great destination especially for cat lovers. They can relax and enjoy the islands quiet surroundings and its adorable feline residents. This is a real paradise to cat lovers and also to those who love to travel and they shouldn’t miss it for the world.