Hillary Leading In Florida


Nick Swiatkowski, Staff Writer

In a four-way race between Republican Trump vs Democrat Clinton vs Libertarian Johnson vs Green Party Stein, Hillary Clinton is leading the race in the sunshine state. As of this week, Clinton had 46% of the state’s votes. This is a 3% increase since last week’s polls run by CBS News and YouGov.com. An increase in the polls was also followed by speeches in Tampa and at Palm Beach State College.

The state of Florida has 29 electoral college votes and is crucial for any candidate to win the presidency. Florida is the state with the 3rd highest electoral college vote count behind California and Texas. Florida also ties with New York for electoral votes, except, New York is not a swing state because its voters always vote for the Democrat.

Electoral votes are based off of state population, so a state with a higher population has a higher electoral vote count. Historically, the electoral college has always voted the way the state decided.

Regardless, most people are not particularly happy with this race. In a poll also run by CBS News, 69% of Republican voters felt that Trump was only talking about issues that he cares about while less the 46% felt that he was talking about issues that he and the public care about.

In another poll, 76% of his Republican voters in Florida felt that Trump would win the state in November if fraud is not involved. That shows how effective his campaign is because he has been blaming the “system” for “being corrupt.”