The Importance of Voting

The Importance of Voting

Santiago Rivera , Staff Writer

This year’s election is pivotal for the future as a country. It feels as if this election cycle has been drawn out with heavy media coverage about the presidential candidates. Along with the over drawn election cycle, there are stigmas surrounding voting and our overall capabilities as citizens of affecting the results. Because of this, it is imperative to highlight the outcome and issues at hand. Many issues include those that effect everyday citizens and how the government will work as a whole for the next four years.

Many voters have been swayed because of the very issue of confirming new members of the Supreme Court. The next president will likely appoint two Supreme Court justices. This means that the next president will have the ability to shift the Supreme Court in either direction of the political spectrum for the next 30 years.

This election cycle is important because of the local public offices all around America are up for election. Local government is usually the first tier of effects that citizens around the country feel. This is because local government policies have a direct affect on its citizens. From education to local taxes, local government shares that power that is sometimes overlooked by many.

Most importantly, our generation will be tasked to vote on a myriad of issues that many agree or disagree with; and that will affect us as we transition into adulthood. There are many more intricacies for why this election truly will affect us. Environmental issues, racial issues, campaign finance reform, and down ballot races are all issues and outcomes that are on this year’s ballot.

It is not only our privilege but our duty to vote. Our democracy is not perfect, but that epitomizes a democracy. A process in which elected officials with the help of its citizens reach a platform that attempts to create “a more perfect union.”