Last Pep Rally of the Year on LTM


Israel Taylor

Senior class enters the gym.

Whitney Thelusme, Staff Writer

The last pep rally of the year is going to be Thursday January 19th, a late start day. After an early Homecoming Pep Rally in September, students have been anticipating a second pep rally for winter and spring sports. Administrators say testing has been the obstacle. Principal Robinson said this week she decided to allow Student Government to hold a combined Pep Rally Thursday. The schedule for the day is EVEN. Students will be released for the pep rally at the end of 6th period (1:55 p.m.) and students will be dismissed from the gym.

The Winter and Spring sports included will be: basketball, baseball, track and field, soccer, wrestling, and weightlifting. Expect to see performances from the dance team and cheerleaders.

Even though it’s a short week, it’s still a Spirit Week and the theme will revolve around basketball. It’s called Rebound Week and the dress up days are:

Tuesday: Double Dribble (twin day)

Wednesday: Crazed Fan

Thursday: Spirit Day

Friday: Fake an Injury