A Tradition Like No Other: The Ross Family

Matthew Leto, Sports Editor

Four years ago, Edwin Ross set foot on campus at Santaluces Community High School. In May, he will graduate as valedictorian, just like his sister did four years ago. 

Ross will continue the legacy after four years of rigorous classes and ignoring potential distractions that all high school students endure. Ross not only succeeded as an academic elite during his time at Santaluces, he was a four year player in the basketball program, and is now the varsity team captain. He also graduates with his first two years of college done. This year, he earned his AA degree from Palm Beach State College. He has been accepted and plans to attend Howard University in Washington D.C. in the fall to study law.

Ross said he came into high school determined to follow in his sister’s footsteps.

“I definitely had a chip on my shoulder coming into Santaluces,” Edwin Ross said. “I was a little too confident and arrogant at first, but I quickly humbled up after freshman year.”

Ross is now president of the senior class and treasurer of the school’s Student Government Association, but he learned one of his hardest lessons through disappointment. When he ran for class president his freshman year, his classmates knew he was smart, but didn’t appreciate his sometimes superior attitude, said Ross. He learned that while academics can be competitive, making social connections was also important. Through hard work and commitment, he proved to his classmates that he wanted to make the school better for everyone, and they voted him president his junior and senior year.

“It is great to give back to Santaluces,” Ross said. “Being SGA treasurer is something I regard very highly as one of my greatest achievements so far.”

Vice President Anna Stewart believes SGA runs very smoothly because of Ross’s dedication.

“I love working right next to Edwin,” Stewart said. “He listens very well and works great with everyone.”

SGA adviser Mr. Dickerson believes Edwin has been beyond what anyone could ask for at treasurer.

“Edwin is a natural leader who has proved himself a valued member of SGA,” Dickerson said. “As a treasurer he is excellent; as an officer he has proved a dependable and innovative leader.”

Edwin Ross achieved his academic success like few others have ever before him. He took his first college class in the summer after his freshman year.

“I took my schedule one class at a time to ensure I got an A in every class,” Ross said. “I wanted to maximize my HPA as high as I could.”

Ross was dedicated to becoming one of the greatest students, academically speaking.

“It is very fulfilling to see my goal that I set coming into high school, is finally paying off,” Ross said. “At times I became doubtful, but I did the work that was asked of me and it was definitely worth it.”

Ms. Neer, one of the school’s guidance counselors, helped tremendously in directing Edwin on the right path to earn academic excellence.

“Working with Edwin these past four years has been nothing short of a pleasure! I truly believe it did not have a whole lot to do with me and it has been him who continuously worked hard to accomplish what he has,” Neer said. “Edwin is a hard worker and has the ability to focus like a laser beam on the task at hand. I look forward to hearing about his future endeavors and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for him!”

Not only did Edwin Ross demonstrate academic excellence, he is also a two sport athlete: basketball and track-field.

Coach Dixon named Ross the varsity basketball team captain because he is a natural leader.

“His performance on and off the court is why I made him team captain,” said Coach Dixon. “He leads the team by his play and leadership.”

Edwin Ross now is waiting for the day he steps on campus at Howard University.

“It was a tough decision between Florida State and Howard, but in the end I am deciding to attend Howard,” said Ross.”I chose Howard over FSU because I really wanted a change of atmosphere. I felt like getting away to a completely new place with new people would be the best for me academically. Plus, living in our nation’s capital isn’t an opportunity that comes around often so I figured I should take it.”

Evelyn Ross is proud that Edwin’s determination allowed him to follow in her footsteps.

“I have never been more proud to see that my brother was able to accomplish his goals,” Evelyn Ross said. “Our mother always stressed the importance of striving for academic excellence and it is truly a blessing to see hard work pay off.”

Edwin Ross owes a lot to his sister in preparing him for high school.

“She really helped a lot,” Edwin Ross said. “Without her it would have been a lot harder to be in this position that I am in now.”

Even though most people would sit back and coast through the second semester of the year, Edwin says he still has work to do.

“I plan on finishing my last semester with all A’s,” Ross said. “I also will be leaving it all out on the court and the track this year.”