Do I Have to Come to School on Prom Day?

Amy Acevedo, Staff Writer

If you’re going to Prom and planning out your hair and makeup appointments, you’re probably wondering whether attendance is mandatory on Prom day. Every year, there are rumors that administration will not let you into Prom if you’ve been absent. Well, the technical answer is that every school day is mandatory. If you are absent on Prom day, you will rack up not just one, but two absences per class because we are on a block schedule that day. That might be a problem for those seniors looking to avoid taking a final exam.

“It is a regular school day, and all of those going to Prom are expected to show up to school and go to all of their classes,” said Mrs. Robinson the principal.

But Mrs. Robinson also said no one with a ticket will be turned away at the door. So if taking that English or History final exam sounds like torture, plan on coming to school on Prom day. Prom is Friday, April 28 at the CityPlace Marriott in West Palm Beach. Doors open at 8 p.m. and no one is allowed in after 10 p.m.