Celebrating Seniors: An Annual Tradition

Emma Koons, Staff Writer

After Seniors practiced for Wednesday’s graduation, the entire student body gathered in the gym Friday for the annual Senior Celebration.

The Band of Chiefs lined up outside the doors and played the seniors into the gym as underclassmen cheered their entrance. A faculty member guided each group in, waving signs and wearing school t-shirts while seniors wore their new school’s colors with pride.

“It felt great getting to see the people I have gotten close to the past four years,” said senior and future FSU student Jancalo Sanchez. “Underclassmen and fellow seniors all came together to celebrate the end of a chapter for us and a continuation for them.”

Once everyone settled in their seats, the principal, Mrs. Robinson, welcomed seniors with a speech congratulating them on their accomplishments. She was followed by English teacher Mrs. Schroader, who inspired the entire crowd with a story about a stubborn mule that refused to give up no matter how hopeless his situation seemed. This theme of perseverance continued when Assistant Principal Mr. Gideon stood at the podium and told his story about a childhood that could have ruined his life, but instead motivated him to strive for the best for himself.

“The speeches were really inspirational and meant a lot more coming from our own teachers and administrators,” said junior Sireen Hilo.

Senior class president Edwin Ross was then called to the podium to pass the gavel to next year’s graduating class president, symbolizing the passage of power and marking the end of high school for the class of 2017.

In the end, seniors were given a copy of the story of the stubborn mule, wrapped up to emulate a diploma, and a key chain to commemorate their years at Santaluces Community High School. Afterward, the seniors made their way to the football field to enjoy their last event on their high school campus: the senior barbecue.