Puerto Rico: My Family After the Storm


Nick Lopez, Staff Writer

The most recent hurricane to make landfall, Maria, has devastated the island of Puerto Rico. Unlike the last hurricane, Irma, whose hit ravaged through the Caribbean, Maria was a direct hit to the island.

Damage caused by the hurricane was immense, infrastructure was obliterated, power grids went down, and all forms of necessary livable resources were in limited supply.

Recently, my Wuela (grandmother) was able to get in touch with her brother and other family members in Puerto Rico. Upon speaking with them, she found out that everyone in the household was in good health and accounted for. Though they were left unscathed, they had grave concerns over the destruction of their island and place of residence.

Most of the beautiful beaches and tourist destinations have been destroyed and it will be months, if not years before they get return back to their original glory. My family is living in the ruins of what was once a great tourist destination.

Through the limited communication that they have my family was able to inform us that from what they know: everyone they knew was still alive. There was major damage to buildings and they have limited amounts of basic hygiene products and there is a shortage of food.

The last I spoke to them, they were awaiting supplies to come in from the mainland United States. Most on the island really needed supplies and this prompted to my grandmother to try and send a care package to them.

As of now, President Trump and other government forces have reached the island and have begun relief efforts, we will just have to see if this will be enough to help my family and the island as a whole.