Flu Outbreak


Jordan Cruz, Staff Writer

The recent flu outbreak that has hit much of the United States discriminates against no-one. From healthy adults to young kids, this virus, Influenza A (H3N2), has already taken lives. The most tragic and influential story would be from a student in Palm Beach County. After failing to seek proper treatment, the boy sadly passed away before deputies were able to arrive to his home.

There is a significant change in attendance within Santaluces. In each of my classes alone, there seems to be at least three people absent for more than just one day at a time. Upon their return, it is always the same reasoning: a deadly virus.

When ebola was introduced in the United States, it was taken as if a zombie apocalypse was on the verge of taking over the states. The ebola outbreak killed two people in total. This flu outbreak is killing up to 4,000 Americans a week. It is clear that everything is not being done to prevent further spread of this virus.

Many blame this becoming widespread on workers not receiving paid sick leave. Many live paycheck to paycheck in the US and cannot afford to take days off from work, therefore are forced to go to their job and ultimately continue this spread from person to person.

It is frightening, having to go to school or work every day knowing that anyone can have this virus and how it can easily be spread from person to person.

I highly recommend taking extra precautions to avoid contact of this powerful strain of flu. This can include taking a sanitizing wipe to public keyboards, constantly washing and sanitizing your hands, avoid major contact with some who may show signs of this flu, and be sure to eat healthy so your body at least has a chance to combat this virus.