Chiefs Host 9th Annual Art Show

Ethan Mansdorf, Photo Editor

Students from all walks of life came together on a Thursday evening to display the brilliant works of art that many have been working on all year.

The show accentuated the artistic variety contained in the SHS halls. From photography and digital design to paintings and student films, the art show gives many students an outlet to display the art that they pour their emotion and time into that would normaly just stay behind closed doors or within small friend groups.

Draw/Paint and Art Collaborative

From the Draw/Paint classes;

Level I students submitted pop art portaits, and detailed shoe drawings.

Level II students submitted self portraits hybrids baised on self photos. They also made abstracts sketches titles “Holes and Layers”

Level III Students created individual paintings based on the stylings of historicaly important artists.


From the Photography department;

Photo I students submitted general Photoshop modifications to their pictures.

Photo II students submitted printed and matted photos that will prepare them for the course work in AP Photo.

And AP Photo students submitted their concentrations which are a group of 12 matted photos all centered around the students’ topics. Each of the students who were in attendance dressed in formal attire and explaining their projects to guests.

Digital Design/Animation

From the Digital Design and Animation class, students from all levels submitted pieces to the show;

Level I students entered pop art portraits, color wheels, google doodles and cartoon characters of their own creation.

Level II students did 360 character development designs of the front, back and side of an original character.

Level III students did digital impressionist portraits and Greek Gods for a competition that attendees could vote for.

AICE students submitted their course work that was based on a fictional novel of their choice and exam project.


Along with class project submissions, students also entered the show with their own individual pieces regardless of class as a way to express themselves artisticaly.