On Hearing Joe Biden Speak


Shaina Francis

The stage is set for “An Evening With Vice President Joe Biden.”

Shaina Francis, Staff Writer

Earlier this month, Vice President Joe Biden spoke at Broward Center For The Performing Arts at an event titled “An Evening With Vice President Joe Biden” in which he hosted a discussion in a question and answer format. The most prevalent topics of discussion included his possible presidential run, his family life, and his political history.

At 76 years old, Joe Biden has experienced many periods of great change for the nation. Being born in 1942, he lived through the time of many great civil rights activists and all the change they ensued. He recalls living in a small Pennsylvania town and seeing the segregation occurring all around him. It was at this time he began to feel a call to work for justice and went to law school.

In 1973, Biden was elected to Congress where he served for 36 years. In his time in Congress, Biden had experienced the many shifts that have occurred between the parties. He is also able to look back and see where the tensions began that have lead to the harshness of the political climate of today.

While speaking, Biden placed a strong emphasis on the idea of morals and how politicians should be treated. He said, “When you don’t treat people with dignity, you alienate them.” In saying this, Biden wants to push Americans to treat each other with respect, no matter if their views correspond or not.

A question that lingered throughout the night is whether or not Biden will be running for president in 2020. He was Vice President for 8 years under the Obama administration and has a clear understanding of United States politics and what it takes to run the nation. Along with this, Biden portrays an idea of Americanism that is undeniable. It is clear that Biden wants the best for the future of this nation and that if he were in office he would do all he could to fix the divided politics. During one answer he said, “It’s time for America to get up and move again.”

Despite all of his redeeming qualities, Biden is 76 years old which would make him by far the oldest president to take office. This would be a top concern for many voters. Along with this, electing Biden would not necessarily help America into taking another step forward in terms of representation.

But in the end, is Biden even running? He still has not given an official answer yes or no as to whether he will try and be the next Democratic president. He is doing a very good job at keeping his name in the air and his options open. Only time will tell whether or not Vice President Joe Biden will be putting his name into the bowl of potential candidates for President number 46.