Pete Buttigieg, Who Is He?


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Pete Buttigieg, the 37 year old mayor running for the Democratic nomination.

Shaina Francis, Staff Writer

With the 2020 presidential election creeping closer and closer, many democratic politicians are placing their name in the mix to have a chance to be the next president. Many familiar names such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Beto O’Rourke have already announced their plans of running for office, but one new name on the scene is Pete Buttigieg.

Pete Buttigieg is a 37-year-old Democratic mayor from the small town of South Bend, Indiana, who announced his official candidacy on April 14. He is in an openly gay marriage while also upholding his Christian beliefs. Along with this, he is a Navy combat veteran and he speaks seven languages, he is also a Rhodes Scholar, and a Harvard graduate. These impressive achievements will appeal to a wide range of groups of voters.

His recent rise in popularity was unpredicted by political experts. Within the short time span of his campaign, Buttigieg has already raised $7 million. The amount raised is not the shocking element, Donald Trump has already raised $30 million, but for his restricted influence in being a small town mayor, this is a big shock.

“Pete is laying out a vision, values, and policies to ensure that America’s future is better than its past,” explains Buttigieg’s campaign website. Buttigieg is focusing on the future of America, policies that will help the future rather than returning to the past.

There is no honest politics that revolves around the word again. In the era of automation and globalization, major changes are going to happen whether we’re ready or not.” By focusing on the changes that will come with this country’s future, Buttigieg wants to adapt with America’s innovation. He appears very dedicated to this mission, something supporters find very appealing.

Despite his current third place position in the polls, Buttigieg still has many critics. These critics would say that despite his experience as mayor, Buttigieg still has no way of understanding the complexities of American politics. Along with this, there are still many other democratic candidates running for the singular position of democratic nominee.

There is no saying where this campaign will go. However, this young mayor’s presidential campaign is one to look out for.