Key Club Honors Local Firefighters for 9/11


Vanessa Castellano

Key Club members writing letters of appreciation

Ricardo Rios, Staff Writer

Key Club held an activity on Tuesday to recognize the firefighters in commemoration for 9/11. Members of Key Club created cards thanking local firefighters for constantly risking their lives for the safety and comfort of everyone. 

Key Club is an organisation dedicated to promoting the welfare of the local community through community service, food drives, and other similar activities. So how exactly does this fit in the scope of the club? “Key Club is a service-based club, and caring is one of our pillars so we wanted to care for our community. We will deliver all the cards and baked goods to the lantana fire station today after school” said President of Key Club Zoe Farrel.

 Farrell’s motivation in doing this activity was to thank our local first responders. “I was motivated to do the act of kindness because on 9/11 firefighters were the first ones on the scene and many lost their lives. If anything ever happened like that here they’d be the first ones on the scene, so it’s just good to give thanks…”

Vice President Grace Dorman believes that 9/11 means, “ Gratitude, Courage, Heroism, and it’s a day of remembrance.”

9/11 was a tragedy that struck the U.S. impacting not only residents of New York but every citizen of the U.S as well. Of the 2,977 victims that died on that day, 343 were firefighters, ordinary people who put their lives on the line. 

Every year September 11 serves as a day to remember those lost in the horrible incident that occurred that day. All the Mothers, Fathers, Loved Ones and all the courageous souls that risked their lives, they all matter.