MC Hammer Monday

Sarah Winters, Staff Writer

MC Hammer Monday was the first day of Spirit Week and the theme was the 90’s and 2000’s, the era of Full House, Paris Hilton, and low rise jeans. 


“It’s definitely an improvement over the other themes we’ve had,” said Junior Narissa Jaquet, “and it’s pretty easy for our students to incorporate the theme with the clothes they already have in their wardrobe.” 


Senior Emily Black had a similar positive reaction to Monday’s theme, “I think it’s a really cute idea and it allows students to express themselves in a lot of different ways.”


The 90’s and 2000’s are popular for setting many of the trends people see today. The styles are also present in many thrift stores, making them easy and accessible for students at a low price point.


“The BackStreet Boys are definitely my favorite artist from the 90’s,” said Jenifer Saint Fluer, before performing her own rendition of the boy bands famous song “I Want It That Way”. 


The T.V. show “Twitches” was a popular television show of the time, and both Jaquet and Saint Fluer stated it to be their favorite show from the era. 


“An article of clothing from the 90’s I love to wear is a tank tops over t-shirts,” said Black as she proudly showed off said clothing items that she had worn in order to represent the era and express her school spirit. 


Jaquet also expressed her love for a variety of the 90’s and 2000’s style clothing. “I feel like denim jackets, along with checkered vans, and chokers were the best things to come out of the 90’s.” she said. 


Today students will rock 80s fashion for Tubular Tuesday. Look out for Teacher Torture at lunch!


The 90’s and 2000’s brought the beginnings of modern technology and ideologies and the pop culture of the eras still have a huge influence on the children of today. 


Many of the Santaluces student body embraced Monday’s Spirit Theme and are excited for the days to come. 

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