Salsa Dancing to Shadow Boxing, Hispanic Heritage Month Recap


Chris Vargas

Students show off their country’s flags in a show of pride.

Chris Vargas, Staff Writer

For Hispanic Heritage month, Latinos in Action decided to end it off with a bang with a big lunch time event. Dancing and shadow boxing.


They played classic songs like “Suavemente” by Elvis Crespo and “Obsesión” by Aventura.


When asked about hosting this event, Latinos in action Vice President Andrea Rodriguez had this to say, “We wanted to do things people will have fun with, and we paint their face with their flag and host dancing for that reason.”


Latinos in Action went above and beyond just face painting and dancing. They also had people dance around with flags from different Hispanic countries, Mexico to Peru.


Latinos in Action included shadow boxing into the event to show that Latinos in action can get with the trends too. Shadow boxing to some sounds counter productive, why would anyone fight an opponent that’s not even there?


It’s most known for being a good exercise for your core. Latinos in Action has taken a proactive approach to shadow boxing to unite the community here at Santaluces.


Latinos in Action member, Juan Opayome believes that “Shadow boxing is trending, it’s in the hallways the classrooms and social media. We wanted to make people feel connected and show that our culture can be involved in these trends too.”


The shadow boxing trend goes like this: two people are standing 3 feet apart and swipe in any direction. These swipes are like punches and the opponent can dodge them. If you get hit your opponent gains a point. First to two points wins and it’s that simple.


The dancing and shadow boxing brought in a huge crowd equally and everyone involved or not had fun. Here’s to many more events like these in the future.