Honoring Seniors, One Post at a Time


Rudolph Civil

Students Rudolph Civil, Kevin Baldeosingh, and Christian Aristilde have found a new way to honor the class of 2020, instagram posts.

Karen Portillo, Staff Writer

In the past few months, the lives of seniors around the world have been altered dramatically. Instead of dressing up to go to prom or waking up for graduation, seniors are left stranded at home, clueless as to what the future holds for them. As a way to bring light in this darkness, three senior boys have come together to create an Instagram page honoring Santaluces’ class of 2020.

“I saw that Boca High created this page to celebrate their seniors that are going to college, and I wanted to do the same thing but not just college. I wanted to celebrate their plans after high school. In our demographic, not everyone wants to go to college, so I created it purposely to celebrate the seniors who have plans after high school, plans to better their life,” said Tribe Staff Writer Rudolph Civil, organizer of @santa2020seniors. Alongside him, Kevin Baldeosingh and Christian Aristilde are responsible for creating the edits and asking people if they would like to be featured.

As of Wednesday, they have created 120 posts in a span of nine days. To create these designs, they used either Photoshop or Canvas, and each post is designed according to the plans each senior hopes to achieve after high school.

“Each one takes about ten minutes to create since I have to start from scratch. The hardest thing about them I’d say is trying to figure out something to make each one a little unique (color scheme, special designs, etc.),” said Baldeosingh.

Rather than just a typical Instagram page, these boys believe it is something everyone can look back on even ten years from now.

“I consider this page as an Instagram yearbook. Not everyone can afford or will get a yearbook, but anytime they get on the app, they can see their peers again. March 13th was the last day I ever saw some of my classmates which was very unexpected,” said Civil. “In the future, I plan to look through the Instagram page and reminisce about my old classmates.”

As seniors themselves, they understand the feelings every senior is going through. For some, it was the last graduation they would ever take part in.

“I feel sad about it but it’s life,” said Aristilde. “We don’t always get what we want and I appreciate everything the district has been doing. They have been trying to do their best and that’s extremely remarkable.”

Just like the rest of their class, Civil, Baldeosingh, and Aristilde all plan on accomplishing their own goals.

Rudolph will major in computer engineering at the University of Florida, Kevin plans on going to Florida Atlantic University, and Christian will major in criminal law at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University.