Hot Lunch Is Available Again


Chwoeger Charleston

The late Thanksgiving food given on Thursday.

Chwoeger Charleston, Staff Writer

After taking a week-long Thanksgiving break, in-person instruction students returned to the hot lunch and breakfasts that have been absent since school opened back up. On Monday, items from the Beyond Burger line made an appearance; students were once again able to enjoy spicy chicken sandwiches or chicken tenders. 

“I definitely missed those chicken sandwiches the most,” said senior Jamal Dormeus

Sometime during the break, the cafeteria kitchen ventilation system was finally able to be installed, marking the end of the limited choices of a frozen sandwich or a muffin platter that were provided to students for three months.

The Chiefs who eat the school lunch on campus were relieved to see the food they were used to again. 

“I’m just glad I won’t have to eat cold food in the cold weather,” says junior Aidan Boyle. 

Even senior Christopher Silva, who started bringing his own food is now eating the school food again.

“I brought my own food because I didn’t like the cold food, but I’ll probably stop since the hot lunch is much better,” said Silva. 

The head of the cafeteria Mr. Marnor is especially happy the kitchen can be operated again and he and the cafeteria staff can actually provide enjoyable food to the students. Despite the end of Thanksgiving, the Thursday menu included the Thanksgiving meals that the students missed out on before the break. 

“I want to honor the quality part of the district’s school food service motto PQR – Passion, Quality, Respect.”