Violence at the Capitol Building Delays Election Certification


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Twitter has removed tweets made by President Trump Wednesday afternoon, after he violated the Twitter Rules by violating Twitter Civic Policy which does not tolerate manipulating or interfering with elections.

Right before the election was concluded, Trump was announcing false claims about the integrity of America’s voting system. His supporters believed every word he said, and today, we saw the severe consequences of those claims.

What just began as a rally, soon turned into a violent riot with shattered windows as an attempt to get on the grounds of the Capitol. A woman was shot inside the capitol building, and she was pronounced dead. Trump supporters got violent with the police, using chemical irritants on them to get through. An explosive device was also found at the Republican National Committee. The mob even vandalized Nancy Pelosi’s office, our Speaker of the House.

The rioters mobbed the Capitol Building to block President-elect Biden’s win as Congress was finalizing the Electoral College’s votes. The entire riot was organized online after Trump concluded his speech about marching on Congress. But this was seen to come due to the previous uproars Trump has created among his supporters.

President Trump recently told his supporters to “go home” after President-elect Biden told Trump to “demand an end to this siege.”

A now-deleted Tweet made by Trump after protests began at the Capitol Building. (Twitter)

This violent act could be labeled as a domestic terrorist attack. As of right now, the National Guard has been activated to, hopefully, put an end to this violence soon.