What’s Happening with our Space Force?

The United States Space Force Emblem

Courtesy of www.spaceforce.mil

The United States Space Force Emblem

When the Space Force was created on December 20, 2019 Americans were baffled at the idea. 

Why would we need to protect ourselves and our allies from Space and also in Space? Then came the undeniable references to pop culture that made it honestly a laughing stock. However, after that, we stopped hearing about them for a while. 

Only being a year old, the space force has been mostly transitional. The personnel from the Air Force Space Command are moving into the Space Force bases and even simply trying to find space (no pun intended) to fit the new branch. There have been some disputes over how the new branch will get its wanted 16,000 members however the Army and the Navy have been willing to help in moderation and the air force has been a little more hesitant not wanting to lose more than it already has. 

Huntsville, Alabama was just verified to be where the official command center will be. As well, two military bases, the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and Patrick Air Force base, are being repurposed for the new force as well. 

Overall though they had a successful first year and striving for an even better second year. They requested a hefty 15.4 billion dollars for their budget of 2021. This is in hopes of integrating the Space Force more broadly and actually starting engagement for defense tactics. 

Vice Chief DT Thompson held a press conference this year trying to seek out partners in the western Pacific and the Indian Ocean regions although, the reasons to why are quite unclear and highly speculative. 

Many are wondering what President-elect Biden wants to do with the force (…Star Wars reference). It’s highly unlikely that the new administration will completely eradicate the force however they truly haven’t stated anything pertaining to it. 

Although the best news to come from this force is what the members are being labeled as. The Army has Soldiers,  the Navy has Sailors, and the Air Force has Airmen and the Space Force has another pop reference;

Guardians, as in the Guardians of the Galaxy.