Free Breakfast Could Lead to Free Cookie


Chwoeger Charleston

On random days starting this week, students could receive a coupon for a free cookie during lunch.

Chwoeger Charleston, Staff Writer

Starting this week, Chiefs will start being rewarded for eating breakfast at school. On random days, students will be able to receive voucher coupons from the cafeteria staff for eating the school’s free breakfast in the morning. They can redeem the coupon to get the popular 25 cent cookies from previous years for free.

This breakfast promotion is being initiated by the head of the Santaluces cafeteria, Mr. Marnor, who wants to bring awareness to the free breakfast that the school provides and motivate students to take advantage of it.

“We’re doing this to bring our participation up because I believe a lot of the kids aren’t eating breakfast in the morning and I think it’s because they just don’t know,” said Mr. Marnor. “But everybody knows about the cookies.”

He hopes more students will participate when they hear about the cookies and end up falling in love with the breakfast menu when they try it.

“It’s a breakfast promotion and it’s all about word-of-mouth,” he said. “Students will hear about a free cookie that they can get during free lunch, but only if they have a voucher that they can only get from free breakfast.” 

The motive behind the cafeteria’s effort to motivate Chiefs to eat breakfast runs much deeper than just trying to make sure they can get rid of all the food. They want to look out for the best interest of the students.  

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” says Mr. Marnor. “So if you fill yourself up in the morning, the good grades are just more than likely to come, everything’s going to be easier and you’re not going to be thinking about how hungry you are during class. We believe it will reflect in the test scores. That’s what it’s all about, it’s about getting that ‘A’ school and making sure our students are doing alright. We’re just doing our part.”