Texas and Florida’s controversial decision


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Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been Governor since 2015.

With 28.9 million covid cases in the United States, Texas lifts mask mandates and reopens their state entirely. Governor Greg Abbott made the decision to make the large state that is Texas, with 43,000 deaths related to COVID, “normal” in such an abnormal circumstance. 

This decision was not praised by many. Trending on Twitter, “I hate it here” is making the governor grow irritated. Residents of Texas found it absurd that governor Abbott thought it was appropriate to open Texas while he knew there was a deadly virus on the streets. Residents are so mad, they are tweeting about voting against him in the next election. Abbott has eliminated the most effective ways of preventing the virus from spreading. A new surge of cases is to be expected.

COVID has not disappeared. In fact, although the United States has come out with vaccines and the number of cases is decreasing, variants of the virus are occurring. Not everyone has received the vaccine, which increases the likelihood of a big increase in cases.

Texas is the biggest state to lift the mandate completely and open its businesses to maximum capacity. The risk runs high for both the residents of Texas and the governor.

Florida, like Texas, does not require its residents to wear masks. Actually, Governor DeSantis had opened Florida’s businesses a while ago. Florida is no different from Texas when it comes to the virus.

Residents from other states have made jokes against Florida and Texas for these “irresponsible” decisions. Saying that Florida and Texas should make their own countries, lightly implying that the rest of the United States does not want to claim us for these decisions.

Both Governor DeSantis and Governor Abbott have seen a decrease in cases and deaths related to COVID-19. As a result, they have eased their mask restriction. Even though the CDC has advised them to continue with the mask mandates and restrictions, these Governors have taken matters into their own hands.

Only time will show us the outcomes of these decisions.