Black Student Union: a Safe Space

The Black Student Union logo.

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union logo.

Many clubs showed up during Club Rush to persuade students to join them and gain many unforgettable high school memories in the process. But, one club, in particular, caught the attention of many: The Black Student Union. 

Black Student Union is a new club started by now-graduated student Atali Paul and a few of her friends. “She’s the one who started the club. It was all during quarantine, by the way,” club President Kerryna Dort stated. 

“I remember, I called her talking about how I wanted to do something community service wise and she told me that she wanted to start a club called Black Student Union, and I wanted to be a part of it.” Dort was the only Sophomore that joined at the time.

This club is all about educating students about current events going on within communities of color all around the world. 

“There are always issues going on within our community, and we just want to make sure we talk about them and we’re present about them…” Dort says.

Making sure everyone feels empowered and safe when it comes to sharing their thoughts and expressing their feelings about their day-to-day life is a big part of this club. 

For example, Dort plans on talking about the Olympics and how the event could have played a part in how we see people of color around the world.

The goal of this club is to make sure we’re informed about African-American history and to dive deep within the community and the school, while simultaneously having an impact in those same communities. And that’s exactly what Kerryna Dort plans on doing as club President.

“I want this club to be one of the main marks of the school. For example, we have SGA as well as the National Honor Society, National Science Honor Society, etc. I want Black Student Union to have that impact; to have that light as a club and organization in this school,” she stated. 

“Not only would it be beneficial for the community, but beneficial for the students that want to come on campus and look for that in a school; some sort of community or bonding.”

Black Student Union plans on meeting the second Tuesday of each month in the media center from after school until 3:30/4 pm.

Remember: Everyone can join!

“We want this to be a safe space for everyone; anyone can join. You may have friends that are struggling with current issues or you yourself may be affected by current issues and policies. This club is here to bring people together, embrace our similarities, and show how we’re all connected.” club sponsor Ms. Norkeria Scott says.

If you’re interested in this club, please join the Google Classroom using code 3mj56el and complete the interest form.